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Handling Processes For Serious Gaming

Learn how to free up your memory and processor speed to further maximize your gaming experience. more

Tune up Windows

Tune up your computer’s performance by cleaning and tweaking Windows. more

TCP Optimizer – speed up your network connection

Optimize your network settings Thanks to, there’s a little program that allows you to optimize your network settings with the click of a button. The program is called “TCP Optimizer” which I’ve been using for years. It allows you to increase your MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) to a higher range such as 1500, customize […] more

A very in depth system tweak guide

As most gamers know, it’s important to have your system running at optimal performance if you want to be competitive. A Great Tweak Site Koroush Ghazi of has created a bunch of “tweak-guides” which cover nearly everything you need to know on this very topic. He goes in depth and explains exactly why he […] more

Don’t modify your Windows Sensitivity

Where did this come from? I’ve touched upon this topic briefly in my other mouse posts but i wanted to clarify exactly why adjusting your mouse sensitivity, via the windows control panel, is a bad idea. Resist the temptation You know who you are. The ones that claim that their first generation, 800 DPI(dots per […] more