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As most gamers know, it's important to have your system running at optimal performance if you want to be competitive.

A Great Tweak Site

Koroush Ghazi of has created a bunch of "tweak-guides" which cover nearly everything you need to know on this very topic. He goes in depth and explains exactly why he recommends disabling certain Windows "feature's" and lets you know what kind of performance gain you can expect once they are disabled.

He has obviously spent a great deal of time compiling these guides so I highly suggest checking out his site to optimize your system.

One of my favorite articles on his site comes in the form of a PDF download, the "TweakGuides Tweaking Companion (TGTC)". This guide comes in two different flavors, for Vista or XP users. They cover literally everything you would want to know about system optimization.

Here's a quick blurb about them from his site:

  • "The TweakGuides Tweaking Companion (TGTC) is the complete system optimization guide for Windows users. Designed for novice and advanced users alike, it is written in plain English to help you genuinely understand all aspects of Windows and your PC."

Check out his tweaking companion here.

or check out his main page at:

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