Second (Real) Engineer Update

Makin' More Bacon

Another Engineer weapon surfaces for your thirsty and perverted little eyes. This time, The Wrangler. Alright... it's neat, I'll give it that.

This little device gives you the ability to remotely control your sentry gun (in, I can only assume, a first-person view?) and replaces the pistol. When in use, your sentry will not take aim at targets, instead depending entirely on your trusty aim. But why on Earth would you want to bother with that? Well, a shield is generated around your sentry, absorbing 66% of all incoming damage. Wow. It also increases the rate of fire for the guns, and at level 3 will increase the rate of fire for the rockets. The only downside is that the sentry is idle for three seconds after the Engineer switches out of remote controlling, leaving it quite vulnerable... but if everyone's dead, should it matter? Me thinkith not.

You can also head on over to the Team Fortress 2 - Engineer Update official site for some more lite reading. Keep it classy San Fernando Valley.

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