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Dead Frontier Online 3D Released

3D Zombie MMO Fun Survival In case you’ve been hiding from the FBI and haven’t had time to keep up to date with your zombie gaming news, a heads up that Dead Frontier Online has released their 3D client. The game looks amazing from it’s 2D counterpart and is still a blast to play. If […] more

Star Trek Online Season 2 Preview

A preview the upcoming patch for Star Trek Online: Season 2 Ancient Enemies. more

Second (Real) Engineer Update

Makin’ More Bacon Another Engineer weapon surfaces for your thirsty and perverted little eyes. This time, The Wrangler. Alright… it’s neat, I’ll give it that. This little device gives you the ability to remotely control your sentry gun (in, I can only assume, a first-person view?) and replaces the pistol. When in use, your sentry […] more

Catch the Elusive TF2 Golden Wrench

Time to Tool About A common tool has never been so epic. To celebrate the release of the (real) TF2 Engineer Update (and to spite drift-racers the world over), there are 100 super special golden wrenches being given away in-game. Just a simple recolor of his melee weapon? Well not quite, see this doesn’t just […] more

First (Real) Engineer Update

Makin’ Bacon Coming this Thursday will be the very first TF2 Engineer Update. With it comes the new shotgun: The Frontier Justice. Wicked name. What is this new badboy all about? Well it cleverly works in conjunction with your sentry gun. The Engineer will get two crits for every kill their sentry gets (before destruction) […] more