Team Fortress 2 Crosshair Setup

TF2 Crosshair Setup

In any FPS or game that requires aim, there is nothing more valuable on the screen than your crosshair; It is even a bigger factor for newer players as it really helps them get a feel for aiming in Team Fortress 2.

What crosshair size should I choose?

Not all cross-hair sizes will work the same for everyone, so experiment and find out what feels the most natural to you. I like to set my crosshair fairly small as it seems to make my shots more accurate, but still large enough to keep visible in the thick of a hectic battle. This makes my aim much more consistent at short or long ranges and gives me the precision necessary to put a stop to any threat immediately.

If you tend to shoot wildly or have poor aim, you may find it more effective for you if you set your cross-hair to a larger size. In retrospect if you prefer to carefully aim your shots, you'll demand a greater accuracy, so it's better to go for a smaller sized crosshair setting.

Some common Team Fortress 2 crosshair console settings:

cl_crosshair_scale "32" - This is the default value for Team Fortress 2. It is a good all-around size.
l_crosshair_scale "48" - This is a good value for people who have strong difficulty with their aim.
cl_crosshair_scale "24"
- The value that I use: a good mix between accuracy and visibility. Setting the crosshair much lower will cause it to be single-pixel and easy to lose track of in the fray of battle.

cl_crosshair_file "crosshair1" - This is the default value for Team Fortress 2.
cl_crosshair_file "crosshair5" -
This is a closed circle crosshair. Easy to see and helpful with aim. However, if you find yourself suffering from tunnel vision (losing your peripheral vision because of how easy it is to concentrate on the solid dot) I recommend the next option.
cl_crosshair_file "crosshair3" -
The value that I use: Easy to follow and aim with, and not distracting enough to lose track of your peripheral surroundings.

What color is the best?

No color is really the best, but I've heard that red, yellow and green are the more 'noticable' colors (they're used in traffic lights for a reason). That been said, what it really comes down to is choosing a color that really makes the cross-hair stand out which is very dependent on whatever particular map you're playing. For example, if you're playing a dark map, choose a lighter color and on a bright map choose a darker one.

Also, since the majority of colors you will be seeing at any given time are either red or blue, it is recommended to pick something else to help keep your crosshair from getting muddled in a sea of colors (especially if you are trying to help your aim with a smaller crosshair).

Recommended Team Fortress 2 cross-hair colors:


cl_crosshair_red "200"; cl_crosshair_blue "200"; cl_crosshair_green "200"
( Off-White ) - Default crosshair color.

cl_crosshair_red "255"; cl_crosshair_blue "0"; cl_crosshair_green "255"
( Yellow ) - Great color if not spending too much time in high lit areas.

cl_crosshair_red "0"; cl_crosshair_blue "255"; cl_crosshair_green "255"
( Cyan ) - Great subtle color, stands out and isn't too distracting for your eyes.

cl_crosshair_red "0"; cl_crosshair_blue "0"; cl_crosshair_green "255"
( Green ) - My personal preference. Highly visible with any lighting and map colors.

cl_crosshair_red "255"; cl_crosshair_blue "255"; cl_crosshair_green "0"
( Magenta ) - Same as above, only way less masculine.


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