Star Trek Online Season 2 Preview

Star Trek Online Season 2

The good folks over at Cryptic Studios have been slaving away on on their upcoming patch for Star Trek online entitled, Season 2: Ancient Enemies.
From the looks of it, it is going to be glorious. When STO launched officially in February this year many people had complaints that the original game was too repetitive and focused much too heavily on the war aspect of things, which isn't what Star Trek is about.

So now, Crypic after only a few months from launching their Season 1 patch (which mainly addressed bugs, the game runs great now), they have more time to look into the design side of things and are focusing on what we, the players, want. For example, Cryptic has implemented a "Diplomatic Mission System" that focuses more on peacekeeping and less on always using a phaser to solve your problems. I'm not sure exactly how it's going to work, but it's an interesting concept and it's great to see that Cryptic Studios is really listening to their fans and trying to improve their overall experience by adding features that the players truly want.

Season 2: Ancient Enemies Info

Season 2 is going to be a major overhaul to the game complete with a ton of new content and interesting tidbits to help flesh out the content a bit better and help lower subside complaints of repetitiveness.

Here's just a snippet of what's been confirmed to be in Season 2:

Season 2.0
The following features are schedule to release with 2.0, but keep in mind that there is always a chance a feature may get postponed to a later update.

  • Rank up to 51 (Vice Admiral/Lieutenant General)
  • - New Captain Power
  • - Rank 5 Ship Reward (Special T5 Ship)
  • - Mark XI Gear
  • Player Ship Interiors (FED and KLG)
  • - Select between 3 layouts
  • - Make Consumables Mini-Game
  • - Trophy Case
  • - New Ship Interior Designs
  • - Sliding Doors
  • Anomaly Scanning Mini-Game
  • - chance for additional anomalies
  • Dabo MiniGame
  • - Holo Leeta Dabo Girl
  • - Gold Pressed Latinum Item Store
  • Klingon PVE
  • - 8 New Klingon Episodes
  • - New Enemy Group unique to the Klingon Faction
  • Weekly Episodes - Series 1
  • - Weekly Story Advancement Mission
  • - Scales to all levels
  • - Episodes available to FED and KLG
  • - New Enemy Group Faction
  • Level 46-51 Sector (FED and KLG)
  • - 5 New Episodes
  • - New Level 53 Fleet Action
  • - New Daily Fleet Actions for Level 51
  • - Run STFs at Level 51
  • Federation Diplomatic Corps
  • - Earn FDC-XP for non-combat gameplay
  • - New First Contact Missions in Exploration Sectors
  • - 4 New non-combat missions
  • - New Rewards at each rank
  • Klingon Costume Customization Updates
  • Trade Commissioned Officers
  • Fleet Logos
  • Fleet Action Level Banding Changes
  • Global Help Chat Channel
  • New Exploration Enemy Ship Designs
  • New Wildlife Creatures
  • Gamepad/Controller Support

Most anticipated features of Season 2

  1. Explore More of the Ship Interiors
  2. Diplomatic Missions
  3. 5 new level Ranks (Past Rear Admiral)
  4. All the new Episodes and content in Season 2.
  5. Klingon PVE content


STO: Ship Interior: Captain's Quarters

STO Ship Interior: Captain's Quarters

The Ready Room

STO Ship Interior: The Ready Room

It's good to see that Cryptic is working hard on this game to make it appeal to a much broader audience, and with time I believe STO has the potential to become a top contender in the MMO universe, Season 2: Ancient Enemies is a step in that direction.

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