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Windows Tweaks

Windows media player performance tweak?

A Windows Media Player Trick This pertains mainly to load times, but you may see an increase in FPS as well. Next time you run Counter-strike 1.6 or Source try leaving Windows media player idly running in the background (obviously not playing any songs). Apparently Windows Media Player will speed up the performance of your […] more
Display Tweaks

LCD Refresh Rate Issue

So how can I fudge a few more fps into my game? If you’re like me, you got a flat-screen LCD and are stuck with a low fps (but a pretty pretty screen!). What you may not know is that your in-game resolution is a mute point if you’re desktop resolution is too high. There […] more

Reducing Choke, Optimize your network settings

What causes choke? Choke is caused due to your computer being unable to accept the amount of incoming data that the server is trying to send to you. Imagine a pot full of water set to high on a stove. Because the heat is too high, the water will boil over and spill everywhere. Choke […] more
Windows Tweaks

A very in depth system tweak guide

As most gamers know, it’s important to have your system running at optimal performance if you want to be competitive. A Great Tweak Site Koroush Ghazi of has created a bunch of “tweak-guides” which cover nearly everything you need to know on this very topic. He goes in depth and explains exactly why he […] more