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PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita makes it’s debut

Sony unveiled their newest handheld console at E3 this week called the PlayStation Vita, and it’s a beauty. more
World Of Warcraft

You can’t just give up on the World… of Warcraft!

You can’t just give up on the World… of Warcraft! Well Cataclysm has been out for quite some time now and even though I originally said a few years ago that I would never return to WOW, as Arnold Swartzenegger would say, “I Lied”. Why did I re-install? Simple really. Considering the amount of hours […] more
Product Reviews

Vincto – Can it Help You Game Harder?

At First I Was Like… A plethora of things have kept me from being able to try Vincto, something I’ve been eager to do for some time now. However, now that I’ve moved and finally have internet and a working CPU (that isn’t prone to fires) I have been able to bunker down and sample […] more

Review: Sonic 4 Episode 1

Sonic 4 Review: It would be impossible to talk about Sonic 4 without setting the scene…Once upon a time, back in the 4th generation of games consoles, Sega and Nintendo were fighting a head to head hardware battle. It was the Genesis versus the SNES, and Sonic and Mario were the kings of cartridge. more
Star Trek Online

STO First Impressions Gameplay Video Review

STO First Impressions Gameplay Video Review I was running through Star Trek Online last night and decided to make a quick first impression video of the latest MMO by Cryptic Studios, STO. I cover the first 10 minutes of gameplay, try to show off some of the basic features in Star Trek Online and show […] more