Mouse Tweaks

A great wireless mouse guide

I personally do not use wireless peripherals for fear of a poor connection, but if you do, the following article from Tweak3d is for you. Actually even if you don’t use a wireless device, this article is worth a read. The article delves in the topic of maximizing the tracking performance specifically for wireless devices. […] more

Don’t modify your Windows Sensitivity

Where did this come from? I’ve touched upon this topic briefly in my other mouse posts but i wanted to clarify exactly why adjusting your mouse sensitivity, via the windows control panel, is a bad idea. Resist the temptation You know who you are. The ones that claim that their first generation, 800 DPI(dots per […] more

Disabling mouse acceleration in Windows XP

What is mouse acceleration? If you’ve never heard the term “mouse acceleration” then this article is for you as you. Mouse acceleration is a annoying feature found in all versions of Microsoft Windows that artificially increases the speed of your mouse cursor based on how fast you move the mouse across your mouse pad. It […] more

Optimizing your USB Mouse polling-rate

Polling what? By default Windows limits a user’s USB update-rate, or polling rate to a mere 125hz(125 updates per second). Sure that sounds like a decent number, but when you factor in just how far USB gaming mice have progressed, it’s slow as molasses. What’s the point of 4000 DPI if you’re being bottlenecked at […] more