Awp India, an awper’s playground

Use custom training maps Counter-Strike custom training maps are a great way to improve your aim and weapon skill in the least amount of time. This is usually because training maps tend to have a smaller, more confined map layout which always results in much shorter rounds. Shorter rounds mean that you'll spend more time practicing and less time watching from the sidelines as a spectator, learning jack all. Not only are they great to train on, they're great to warm-up on your gaming skills too! Before matches, I would commonly warm-up on many aim maps such as Awp India to be at the top of my game for the match. Why Awp India Counter-Strike Source has very few popular training maps in general; and even less that are useful to improve your Awp skills. Awp India for Counter-Strike Source is great for improving one's AWP skills. The map is quite similar to it's CS 1.6 counter-part other than the obvious increase in visual quality and added obstacles that may be used for cover. Few can deny how useful it can become to improve your awp game and well, it's fun.. if you're winning of course. Quick Overview The main thing about this map is to use cover to your advantage and try not to get 'pinned down'. If you can hold the upper middle ramp area, you control the map. It's important to know where your targets are while preventing them from getting a sight on you. Once you get the basics of using cover to your advantage, it really becomes a "who can shoot who faster game". Even if you get your ass handed to you at first (which you will if you're an in-experienced Awper; new to this map), in literally just a few rounds, you will notice a decent improvement in your AWP game in both aim and reaction time.

cs awp india maps source

A screenshot of AWP India

Download Awp_India You can download Awp India directly from NLG below: Awp_India Download Here Server Running Awp_India
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