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How to ‘Surf’ in Counter Strike

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane… No… it’s a CT flying at high speeds twirling in the air. A lot of people have either stumbled upon surf maps out of curiosity, or just accidentally joined. Either way, it’s easy to never understand how to cruise around like everyone else without being told how. So here […]

Aimbot Parody

Aimbot Parody Anyone who has played Counter-Strike or any other online FPS understands the annoyance of aimbot hackers. Youtube user Freddiew, has created a very good video depicting what an aimbot hacker would look like in real life. Check it out below.

How to Set Your Clan Tag in Counter Strike Source

Clan Setting in a Nutshell Since the addition of the Clan Warfare achievement in Counter-Strike: Source many people are wondering how to get it and how to set it up. It is, thankfully, quite simple and I’m here to show you how to set your character with a clan tag. First of all, you have […]

Easy CSS Achievements

Alright, as much as we at NLG like achievements to be earned the proper and deserving way, there will always be ways around it, and people dedicated to just get them faster. So, if you’re reading this you’re probably determined enough to find a way regardless, so who would I be to withhold some llama […]

Counter Strike Source Achievement Guide

The CS:S Achievement List All 145 achievements are pretty self-explanatory. If you need help with a specific achievement give us a shout in the forums and we’ll investigate – or if any of the NLG team finds any tricks to help you along, we will update this page as necessary. Happy hunting folks! *As of […]

“How to be good at Counter-Strike”

The ultimate source for Counter-Strike Strategy is here. Become better now!

HeatoN Counter-Strike Tips & Tricks Videos

Heaton’s Counter-strike Tips

How to Use the Scoreboard Effectively

The Counterstrike Scoreboard In Counterstrike 1.6 and source, the scoreboard is an imperative tool that many experienced players utilize to gain an edge over their opponents. You may be thinking that the scoreboard is only good for one thing, showing your kd ratio (kills vs deaths) and where you stand in the rankings relative to […]

Customizing your crosshair (CS:S)

Customize your Crosshair It’s been a while since we’ve posted, but I thought it would be a good time to mention a great crosshair tutorial I stumbled upon by Taylort123 from Youtube. Taylort123 has done a great job in his video which touches on exactly how to setup your crosshair in Counter-Strike Source for maximum […]

Skinning Your Goldsrc Models

For all those who want to learn how to skin their goldsrc models, this tutorial is for you. This tutorial will work with all goldsrc games. Just replace Counter-Strike with whatever appropriate. Things you will need: GCFScape Jed’s Half-Life Model Viewer Photoshop (If you don’t have Photoshop you can download a free 30-day trial or […]

anX’s Complete HQ CS:S Movie Guide

NOTE: This a copy of anX’s guide found on the Cal forums and on his clan website forums at: Complete HQ CS:S Movie Guide by anX High Quality wmv, x264, or Xvid for advanced users Version 1.9.2: Last Updated 7/1/07 ================================================== ======== Table of Contents: ———————————————- 1. Movie Config 2. HQ Movie Files 3. […]

Practice against Bots

Practice against bots When you haven’t played Counter-Strike Source in a while, I find one of the best ways to bring your aim up to speed is to practice against bots. When you enter the Counter-Strike menu, create server, select your map, and add a bunch of bots. If you find that the bots are […]

Customize your Counter-Strike

After playing for a while, many players seek the ability to customize their game to something they are more comfortable with. From custom sprays, sounds, and even certain models, the ability to change the game’s default resources can be a fun experience for casual and hardcore players. One thing to worry about however is how […]

How to Choose a Game Server

Why your provider is important? Many different aspects of thought go into choosing a ‘home’ server- how many players you enjoy, what maps, what style of play, so on and so forth. I’ll be going into an overview about a few key notes to keep in mind when choosing a home server, and many things […]

The Scout (CS:S)

The Scout Schmidt Scout Price: $2750 Country Of Origin: Austria Caliber: 7.62 Nato Clip Capacity: 10 Rounds Rate Of Fire: N/A Weight (Loaded): 3.3KG Projectile Weight: 8g Muzzle Velocity: 2800 ft/sec Muzzle Energy: 2200 J Binds “use weapon_scout” “buy weapon_scout” Handling Tips The Scout is the AWP’s little brother. Although it is much weaker than […]

The problems with net-code in CS:S

There’s a very developed and rather old thread going on in the Steam Forums regarding net-code problems found within the Counter-Strike Source engine. It’s a super informative read, especially for anyone looking to improve their network performance in Counter-Strike Source. Here’s a quick excerpt from the article: “I posted this thread, because I want Valve […]

Common Faq for Counter-Strike Source

Thanks to Remmiz from the Steam Forums! Q-I got hit from 2 feet behind me! Whats up with that? A-Models and hitboxes are not always where you may see them. The server is always seeing different locations than the clients. Q-Where is my CD-Key! Did I get scammed?! A-No, you did not. When purchasing games […]

Disable automatic sound downloads (CS:S)

Thanks to Matt from the Steam forums for this tip. How to disable sound downloads Are you tired of downloading sounds (i.e. “Headshot”, “Ultra Kill”, “First Blood”, “Mmmmmmonster Kill”, etc.) from CS:S servers? Well, add this cvar to your autoexec.cfg file, and you will not have to download sounds from the server: Code: cl_downloadfilter “nosounds” […]

How to defend

This is a more general topic and could probably be applied to most games, but I’m going to focus on CS:S. Defending is a surprisingly complicated aspect of CS:S, when to rotate, where to camp, when to pick etc, in this article I am going to cover a few of these points. Firsts things first, […]

The Mac-10 (CS:S)

The Mac-10 Ingram Mac-10 Price: $1400 Country Of Origin: USA Caliber: .45 ACP Clip Capacity: 30 Rounds Rate Of Fire: 857 rpm Reload Time: 3.162312 seconds Weight (Loaded): 3.82KG Projectile Weight: 15.2g Muzzle Velocity: 919 ft/sec Muzzle Energy: 584 J Binds “use weapon_mac10” “buy weapon_mac10” Handling Tips The Mac-10 resembles the Israel made Uzi but […]

How to make a Counterstrike Video

Counter-Strike Video Editing Andyblooman from YouTube has created a very basic, but informative video to help you get started making Counter-Strike videos. He quickly skims over what tools you should use such as fraps, windows movie maker and VirtualDub. Although his video is short, it’s a good complement to anX’s complete movie guide that is […]

Counter-Strike crosshair setup

Why is the crosshair important? In a First Person Shooter, no object on your HUD is more valuable than your crosshair. It is your way of targeting exactly on the screen where you want to shoot. This is especially important for newer players as it takes time and guidance to get a feel for aiming […]

The Aug, aka “The Bullpup” (CS:S)

The Bullpup Bullpup Price: $3500 Country Of Origin: Austria Caliber: 5.56 Nato Clip Capacity: 30 Rounds Rate Of Fire: 727 rpm Weight (Loaded): 4.09KG Projectile Weight: 4g Muzzle Velocity: 2900 ft/sec Muzzle Energy: 1570 J Binds “use weapon_aug” “buy weapon_aug” Handling Tips The Aug or “Bullpup” as it is also known, is an automatic, CT […]

The UMP (CS:S)

The Ump M UMP45 Price: $1700 Country Of Origin: German Caliber: .45 ACP Clip Capacity: 25 Rounds Rate Of Fire: 600 rpm Reload Time: 3.483656 seconds Weight (Loaded): 2.27KG Projectile Weight: 15.2g Muzzle Velocity: 1005 ft/sec Muzzle Energy: 625 J Binds “use weapon_ump45” “buy weapon_ump45” Handling Tips In Counter-Strike, the UMP is a dud. Few […]

The P90 (CS:S)

The P90 ES C90 Price: $2350 Country Of Origin: Belgium Caliber: .338 Lapua Magnum Clip Capacity: 50 Rounds Rate Of Fire: 900 rpm Reload Time: 3.390944 seconds Weight (Loaded): 3KG Projectile Weight: 2g Muzzle Velocity: 2345 ft/sec Muzzle Energy: 465 J Binds “use weapon_p90” “buy weapon_p90” Handling Tips The ES C90 or P90 as it […]

The M249 aka the Para (CS:S)

The m249 aka the Para M249 Price: $5750 Country Of Origin: Belgium Caliber: 5.56 Parabellum Clip Capacity: 100 Rounds Rate Of Fire: 600 rpm Reload Time: 5.720209 seconds Weight (Loaded): 6KG Projectile Weight: 4g Muzzle Velocity: 3000 ft/sec Muzzle Energy: 1600 J Binds “use weapon_m249” “buy weapon_m249” Handling Tips In Counter-Strike Source, the M249, also […]

The Auto Shotgun (CS:S)

The auto shotgun is very similar to it’s M3 counterpart except that it is fired in full automatic and that it deals less damage per shot than the M3. This gun can be very effective in close range, so much so in-fact that it has been labeled as a “cheap noob” weapon…

The Machine Pistol (CS:S)

The TMP, or Schmidt Machine Pistol is a weapon found in Counter-Strike Source. Learn how to handle it properly in this guided weapon overview.

Freezetime Checklist

Learn to utilize every second of “freezetime”, the short-time before a round starts.

Awp India, an awper’s playground

Improve your awp skills in Counter-Strike Source by training on Awp India!

The USP (CS:S)

Learn everything you need to know about the KM USP .45 Tactical Pistol.

How to win the pistol round

Depending on the rules of your league, the first round of the match will start you with virtually no money. This round is generally referred to as the “pistol round”, as no one can afford real weapons. Although you probably rarely practice it, it can be a deciding factor for your whole team’s cash flow […]

How to Pubstar: Rushing – The Basics

Go speed racer, go! You want to get in the enemy’s nest as quickly as possible, catch as many off guard as you can, and put them through the meat grinder. You’ll die every once in awhile, but the more you practice and use the tips available here, the more you’ll instead look like a […]

Grenade Tactics (CS:S)

Grenade Tactics Grenades are one of the most important aspects of CS:S. One Flashbang can kill your whole team or save your whole team; it’s as simple as that. I am going to try and give some handling tips for the Flashbang and HE grenade. For smoke grenades see Achtung’s “A quick guide to smoke […]

Map Analysis: De_Dust2 (CS:S)

Learn basics tactics to the most famous Counter-Strike map of all-time, Dust2.

Use mIRC to find FPS scrims or ringers!

Learn, setup and install mIRC to find scrims and ringers for your favorite competitive First Person Shooters!

De-fragment your Counter-Strike Game Files

Many of you may already be aware of this, but some may not. Ever notice how your once “super computer” seems to get slower and slower the longer you have it? Aside from having more background processes running (the longer you own a computer the more software you install), your computer’s performance will generally degrade due to file fragmentation. However. there is a solution.

The Knife

The Strider Bowie Knife Specification Strider Bowie Knife Price: N/A (Given free at start of every round) Country Of Origin: USA Blade Components: 1/2″ thick 6AL4V titanium Edge: Press fit Stellite Damage: Low (slash), Stab (Medium), Back-stab (High) Rate Of Attack: Slash .5 seconds, Stab 1.5 seconds Range: Very close Game Weight: > 3.3KG (exact […]

The Defender aka Galil rifle (CS:S)

The Defender aka Galil Specification IDF Defender (aka Galil) Price: $2000 Country Of Origin: Israel Caliber: .223 Clip Capacity: 35 Rounds Rate Of Fire: 675 rpm Reload Time: 2.964799 seconds Weight (Loaded): 4.35KG Projectile Weight: 4g Muzzle Velocity: 2013 ft/sec Muzzle Energy: 1712 J Binds “use weapon_galil” “buy weapon_galil” Spray Patterns As you can see […]

The Compact (CS:S)

The P228 Compact Specification P228/228 Compact Price: $600 Country Of Origin: Switzer…/Germany Caliber: .357 SIG Clip Capacity: 13 Rounds Rate Of Fire: N/A Reload Time: 2.736679 Weight (Loaded): 1.03KG Projectile Weight: 8.1g Muzzle Velocity: 1400 ft/sec Muzzle Energy: 600 J Binds “use weapon_p228” “buy weapon_p228” Handling Tips The 228 Compact in Counter-Strike Source is one […]

The Five-Seven (CS:S)

The Five-Seven Specification ES Five-Seven Price: $750 Country Of Origin: Belgium Caliber: 5.7 X 28MM Clip Capacity: 20 Rounds Rate Of Fire: N/A Reload Time: 3.211378 Weight (Loaded): 0.618KG Projectile Weight: 2g Muzzle Velocity: 2345 ft/sec Muzzle Energy: 465 J Binds “use weapon_fiveseven” “buy weapon_fiveseven” Handling Tips In Counter-Strike Source, the five-seven is the Counter-Terrorist […]

How to Spot a Real Counter-Strike Hacker

For the Admins or server regulars, this guide is here to help you stop the one thing that happens more often than banning a hacker. How to spot someone who is just good, and is NOT hacking!

The Glock 18 (CS: S)

The Glock 18 is a extremely diverse weapon that can be very effective if used correctly. Along with weapon specifications you will find general handling tips here.

The M3 Shotgun (CS:S)

The m3 is a extremely diverse weapon that can be very effective if used correctly. Along with weapon specifications you will find general handling tips here.

The Dual Elites (CS:S)

The Dual Elites is an extremely diverse weapon(s) that can be very effective if used correctly. Along with weapon specifications you will find general handling tips here.

The MP5 Submachine Gun (CS:S)

MP5 Specification Price: $1500 Country of Origin: Germany Caliber: 9mm Parabellum Clip Capacity: 30 rounds Rate of Fire: 800 rpm Reload Time: 3.068887 seconds Weight(LOADED): 3.66kg Projectile Weight: 8 grams Muzzle Velocity: 1132 feet/second Muzzle Energy: 637 joules Binds “use weapon_mp5” “buy weapon_mp5” Spray Patterns The patterns below illustrate the main spray pattern formed by […]

CS Buy Binds (CS:S) – Weapon And Scripting

Learn everything you need to know About CS Binds, Buy Binds, and other Keybinds for CS and CS:S

The AK-47 (CS:S)

AK-47 Specifications Price: $2500 Country of Origin: Russia Caliber: 7.62mm NATO Clip Capacity: 30 rounds Rate of Fire: 600 rpm Reload Time: 2.39 seconds Weight(LOADED): 4.79kg Projectile Weight: 7.9 grams Muzzle Velocity: 2329 feet/second Muzzle Energy: 1992 joules Binds “use weapon_ak47” “buy weapon_ak47” Spray Patterns The patterns below illustrate the main spray pattern formed by […]

The Desert Eagle (CS:S)

Desert Eagle Specifications Price: $650 Country of Origin: Israel Caliber: .50 Action Express Clip Capacity: 7 rounds Rate of Fire: N/A Reload Time: 2.192816 seconds Weight(LOADED): 1.8kg Projectile Weight: 19.4 grams Muzzle Velocity: 1380 feet/second Muzzle Energy: 1650 joules Binds “use weapon_deagle” “buy weapon_deagle” Handling Tips The Desert Eagle is every AWp’ers best friend, the […]

Use spawns to your advantage

Not all spawns are equal This is a quick tip, but a crucial one. Many new players to Counter-Strike league play don’t realize that player spawn points are extremely important. In fact, they are so important that many times a good spawn formation can dictate a round. For instance on Nuke, if all 5 players […]

The Awp (CS:S)

Awp Specifications Price: $4750 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Caliber: .338 Lapua Magnum Clip Capacity: 10 rounds Rate of Fire: N/A Reload Time: 3.659414 seconds Weight(LOADED): 6kg Projectile Weight: 16.2 grams Muzzle Velocity: 3000 feet/second Muzzle Energy: 7.000 joules Binds “use weapon_awp” “buy weapon_awp” Handling Tips See the following articles for detailed handling tips for […]

The M4A1 Colt Carbine (CS:S)

M4A1 Colt Carbine Specifications Price: $3100 Country of Origin: USA Calibre: 5.56mm NATO Clip Capacity: 30 rounds Rate of Fire: 685 rpm Weight(LOADED): 3.22kg Projectile Weight: 4 grams Muzzle Velocity: 2900 feet/second Muzzle Energy: 1570 joules Binds “use weapon_m4a1” “buy weapon_m4a1” Spray Patterns The pattens below illustrate the 2 main spray patterns formed by the […]

How to juggle a girlfriend and gaming

Women are complicated As you may know 95% of women despise guys who play video games for even a few minutes let alone a few hours. Don’t despair friend, there are plenty of ways to get your girlfriend to accept your addiction.. in fact, you may even be able to get her to embrace it! […]

How to deke a pro

Sick of getting your head perforated every round? When it comes down to facing off against someone of equal (or greater) skill, it really comes down to who can outsmart the other. So here’s one great way to confuse and get the drop on your prey (or to set yourself up for filleting a noob […]

Take your pubs “to the next level” through ESEA

ESEA What? E-SportSea has a great program that allows you to join scrims on the fly with the best players in CS 1.6 or Source. What makes this different from a regular pub or pickup match is that these servers are regulated and only players who are ESEA subscribers can join. Obviously the competition here […]

Don’t forget about the radar

A quick intro to the radar So many players ignore Counter-Strike’s most powerful Hud readout, the radar system. When utilized properly other players will think you’re hacking due to your ability to know their position, even if they did not make a sound. Some key radar characteristics/Tips (Counter-Strike Source) Whenever anyone on your team sees […]

The accusations are endless

You’re kicking ass and chewing bubblegum, hell, you even just ran out of bubblegum.. The next thing you know everyone and their dog is calling you a f’ing cheater, a no skill hack. This makes you angry.. they won’t like you when you’re angry!!! Cool down Hulkster, chances are, this is exactly what those noobs […]

Can you dodge a bullet?

Bullet dodging is difficult to master, but a highly effective skills to learn. Impossible you say? Well, technically yes… you can’t really dodge a bullet, but what you can do is learn to dodge an opponent’s trigger finger. His hands are no faster than yours, it’s just the timing. Of course this tactic wont save […]

A quick guide to smoke grenades

Welcome to a Pink Floyd concert Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike Source have an incredibly useful, but flawed grenade… the smoke grenade. Smokes are used commonly, and quite obviously, to protect teammates from snipers, or to block enemy sight as you (or your team) advance. There are other applications these little guys can be used for […]

Advanced Bunnyhopping Techniques

A few months ago i went over the basics of bunnyhopping by linking a video from YouTube in this article. Note: I strongly suggest checking that out first before continuing on in this post Today, I found another Bunnyhop video tutorial on YouTube that pretty much covers everything there is to know about the subject. […]

Reducing Choke, Optimize your network settings

What causes choke? Choke is caused due to your computer being unable to accept the amount of incoming data that the server is trying to send to you. Imagine a pot full of water set to high on a stove. Because the heat is too high, the water will boil over and spill everywhere. Choke […]

How to be “clutch”

What is “clutching”? To “clutch” is to win the round as the last man alive for your team even if that means facing incredible odds such as a 1 versus 5. The 3 most important points 1.) Stay Calm If you can’t keep your composure, you will die. Don’t cave under the pressure. The more […]

How to beat an Awp

Ahh, yes… the awp, nearly every game has its own “ultimate sniper rifle” equivalent and they usually have the same basic properties: deadly accurate, long range zoom, instant kills with nearly every bullet, and an explosive “boom” that shakes the walls of the battlefield and makes every opponent second guess exposing his body. Who wouldn’t […]

A good sound video tutorial

Sound is important While browsing through Counter-Strike videos on You-Tube i stumbled across a user named “GuideCSS1” who has a bunch of training videos which are of pretty good quality. The video i linked below is definitely my favorite of his which delves in the topic of using sound to effectively predict your opponents actions. […]

How to control your recoil

“Only Noobs Spray” Spraying is generally frowned upon, in fact if people see you do it, they’ll immediately call you a Noob. In most cases this is generally true because more often than not, it is much better to burst fire 2-3 bullets, than to “spray and pray”. Spraying builds up a lot of recoil […]

3 coffee-break tips to becoming a better player

Tip#1: Lead your shots Unless you’re a flick-shot master, when aiming, it is very important to lead your cross-hair ever so slightly in front of moving targets. The reason for this is that you can predict exactly where your target will be in the next millisecond, and not need to adjust your aim to compensate. […]

Stratey Planning Program

A great program This is definitely old news, but to be a complete Counter-Strike strategy resource, it’s post-worthy. As discussed in this thread on the FPS GOD forums there is a program available, called CS-Strat (originally called Taxmaker) that allows you to make overhead strategies for your Counter-Strike team. The beauty of this program is […]

Test your aim, sv_showimpacts 1

Know where your bullets are going When people spray through doors, usually they have no idea where their bullets are traveling. To be an amazing player in Counter-strike 1.6 and Counter-strike Source, it’s important to know the in’s and out’s of each weapon, how the bullets react, and what walls you can shoot through. Few […]

The element of surprise

Being unpredictable in First Person Shooters There’s no better way to get kills. When you catch your enemy by surprise you have complete control of the fight. If you attack your opponent while your location is unknown to them, you will have the advantage of superior reaction time. Even the fastest of players will not […]

CS Source Boost Jump Trick

What is it? The Boost jump in Counter-Strike Source allows a player to reach heights unattainable through a glitch in the game physics. As with any game glitch, make sure you’re aware of your league rules before you attempt to use it in a match. This particular trick i know is legal in most leagues […]

Key Binding Setup, ESDF not WASD

ESDF, WASD what? If you have no idea what “WASD” or “ESDF” stand for, they’re simply a set of keys used to move around in first person shooters. For example, in a “WASD” setup, the “W” represents forward, the “S” backwards, and the “A” and “D” keys represent strafing left or right accordingly. This has […]

Bossi’s Tweak Site

For those of you that are feeling the need to modify my config, i’ve stumbled across a really good website that will help simplify the process. This is by no means new information, but Bossi, a common poster on the Complexity forums created a guide with a list of common cvar’s and exactly what effect […]

Kaizen’s CS: Source FPS Cfg v1.1 Released!

It’s Out! Yes that’s right, the cat’s out of the bag. After years of keeping my Counter-Strike Source FPS config a secret, I’ve decided to release it to the public. What many players don’t realize is that proper settings are crucial to competitive gaming, so I really wanted to squeeze every known tweak and setting […]

Being one with the Shadows

Introduction to Shadows Shadows are a nifty addition to Counter-Strike Source that many players do not take advantage of. When i talk about shadows, I’m not referring to the ones cast from walls and such, but rather the ones cast by props or models. These shadows are calculated in real-time and are dynamic as opposed […]

Basic intro to flash-bangs

Intro Flash-bangs are the most versatile grenade in Counter-Strike. In a mere second, they have the ability to shift the momentum of a fight to your favor, even against multiple targets. Therefore it’s important to know how to throw them effectively. Lougfang’s beginner video Loufang from Youtube, made a video last year that the did […]

The “speed ladder” trick

Description The “speed ladder” trick is known quite well among the Counter-Strike community, but is important to mention nonetheless. As it’s name implies, it involves moving up and down ladders at a much faster speeds. The slow approach When most new players approach ladders they tend to hold the forward or backward key(s) to move […]

Introduction to Angles

What are angles? The term “angle” in Counter-strike is used to define one’s line-of-sight in the game. The better your angle, the better line-of-sight you will have on your target(s). Most players do not realize that having a bad angle may make them visible to their opponent(s) even if they cannot see them. This is […]

Counter-Strike Source Launch Options

CSS Launch Options In competitive gaming, it’s crucial to have every edge you can get, so it’s important to make sure your game is tweaked to an optimal level. How to set your Steam Launch Options To set your launch options perform the following: While in Steam, select Counter-Strike Source, then right click “Properties” as […]

Efficient Reloading

Efficiency = Success In all forms of competitive gaming, efficiency is a must. Counter-strike is no different. To be successful you need to be efficient, therefore you need to know when to reload your gun. How many times have you ran out of ammo mid fight because you forgot to reload. Contrastingly, how often have […]

Destroying bad habits

“Oops, I did it again” How many times have you died in Counter-Strike and said to yourself “Oops”? You know what I’m talking about, the deaths you felt you could have prevented but they continue to plague your game round after round. These mistakes really start to add up over time and knowing how to […]

“The secret rule” to headshots

What Secret rule? I could drive this point home over and over again in the minds of average cs players. It seems so simple, but this rule is what separates the good from the bad. The elite from the average. In fact, ancient civilizations have known about this secret for thousands of generations. Their soldiers […]

Awping 101 (The Basics)

“The 3 Basic Moves” The AWP is the most feared and hated gun in Counter-strike. Some common complaints cried by players are: “It’s cheap”, “It’s a noob gun”, or “Why don’t you use a real gun?”. All these complaints arise from people who have no clue how to use the awp or are upset that […]

Concentration is key

Being competitive in Counter-Strike Source is heavily dependent on concentration. If you can’t concentrate fully on the game, you’re bound to make mistakes and miss shots that you normally wouldn’t. So obviously if you want to compete and play at the highest level, you will need to remove all distractions from your play area. Most […]

Pulling out of Slumps

It happens to everyone at some point. You’re at the top of your game, feeling unstoppable. You’ve just clutched the last 3 rounds, it seems no one can take away your momentum. Then your enemy gets a lucky head-shot on you, then another, and another. Suddenly you find yourself doubting your abilities and believing your […]

Stop missing your flickshots

For those of you who missed the article back in October of last year, David “deLiGHT” Light from professional gaming team, “Chicago Chimera”, wrote a really informative article entitled, “All in the wrist”. David has come up with a new way to train the muscles involved with flickshots through his own custom maps. What’s interesting […]

How to improve your reaction time

Learning to react like a god Reaction time is critical in Counter-strike source for obvious reasons. In the end, Counter-strike source all boils down to who can kill who faster. If you have faster reflexes than your opponent, you have more time to aim, thus have a higher likelihood of killing them first. Before getting […]

How to Bunnyhop

Learn how to bunny-hop in most first person shooters like Counter-Strike.