How to ‘Surf’ in Counter Strike

It's a Bird, it's a Plane...

No... it's a CT flying at high speeds twirling in the air. A lot of people have either stumbled upon surf maps out of curiosity, or just accidentally joined. Either way, it's easy to never understand how to cruise around like everyone else without being told how. So here you are! How to surf about and defy gravity by simply controlling your strafing.

The one natural thing most everyone does when they don't know how to surf, is in fact the one thing that is preventing them from succeeding. Your movement keys. Surfing works through a standard glitch in the game (like wall-running, strafe-running, or bunny-hopping from various games). To surf, simply DO NOT PRESS FORWARD. The only keys you should be pressing are your left and right strafing keys. If you really want to use it, your backpedal key can be used to stop you immediately in flight and drop you to the ground; it should never be touched while trying to cruise about.

Arrow Keys and SurfingWhich direction do you strafe? Always the opposite direction of the side your on. If you're on the left side of the hump, hold right; if on the right, hold left. Quite simple now isn't it?

This will get you moving but it won't get you soaring. So how can you build speed, fly, and make incredible mid-air maneuvers? This is done by controlling where you are on the run and how quickly you rise up to the tip of the hump at the end of the run. When you hit a run, the speed at which you move yourself downwards (to reach the bottom edge of the side you're on) will determine your overall speed; you do this by facing where you want to go (with the mouse). When you near the end of the run, your height will be determined by how quickly you snap up to the top of the hump at the end of the run.

A snap incline at high speeds can send you flying to ridiculous heights. You control yourself while flying by again using the strafe keys and using the mouse. If you see a spot you want to land on you can circle it until you land on it (by side-running the mouse slowly while strafing), if you do this well you should take no damage upon landing. Alternatively, you can press the backpedal key to drop like a stone, which is fine if your target is water.

See the images below for some examples on surfing:

Counter Strike Source Surfing - Example 1
A slow cruise

Counter Strike Source Surfing - Example 2

Counter Strike Source Surfing - Example 3
Picking your target

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