Looking for better Counter-Strike performance? Is your system slow? This area focuses on Counter-Strike tweaks and other various optimization techniques for better FPS (Frames per second) in Counter-Strike.

Make sure to grab this Counter-Strike config so you can get the best FPS possible.


How to prevent hackers from stealing your game account

Prevent Stolen Accounts One of the biggest problems circulating the Internet has always been the chance of identity theft. While you may think that most hackers are only after your banking information, (which is pretty true), personal data such as your phone number, legal full name and home address are extremely valuable to them as […]

Handling Processes For Serious Gaming

Learn how to free up your memory and processor speed to further maximize your gaming experience.

Minimizing to Desktop Randomly While Gaming?

Randomly minimizing full screen games to the desktop? We have the solution here!

The problems with net-code in CS:S

There’s a very developed and rather old thread going on in the Steam Forums regarding net-code problems found within the Counter-Strike Source engine. It’s a super informative read, especially for anyone looking to improve their network performance in Counter-Strike Source. Here’s a quick excerpt from the article: “I posted this thread, because I want Valve […]

Disable automatic sound downloads (CS:S)

Thanks to Matt from the Steam forums for this tip. How to disable sound downloads Are you tired of downloading sounds (i.e. “Headshot”, “Ultra Kill”, “First Blood”, “Mmmmmmonster Kill”, etc.) from CS:S servers? Well, add this cvar to your autoexec.cfg file, and you will not have to download sounds from the server: Code: cl_downloadfilter “nosounds” […]

TweakUI A gamer’s optimization tool

Learn how TweakUI can help optimize your system performance by disabling annoying Windows eye-candy.

Scan and cleanup your registry

Cleanup your Windows Registry and learn how to defrag it for maximum PC performance.

Tune up Windows

Tune up your computer’s performance by cleaning and tweaking Windows.

TCP Optimizer – speed up your network connection

Optimize your network settings Thanks to, there’s a little program that allows you to optimize your network settings with the click of a button. The program is called “TCP Optimizer” which I’ve been using for years. It allows you to increase your MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) to a higher range such as 1500, customize […]

Speed up your performance, remove spyware

Remove Spyware what? Of all the things that can be wastefully eating away your precious CPU and RAM resources, spyware takes the cake. Spyware is a computer user’s nightmare proving to be the most annoying and most notorious software ever created. Few people even recognize they have spyware until it becomes so bad that they […]

De-fragment your Counter-Strike Game Files

Many of you may already be aware of this, but some may not. Ever notice how your once “super computer” seems to get slower and slower the longer you have it? Aside from having more background processes running (the longer you own a computer the more software you install), your computer’s performance will generally degrade due to file fragmentation. However. there is a solution.

Windows media player performance tweak?

A Windows Media Player Trick This pertains mainly to load times, but you may see an increase in FPS as well. Next time you run Counter-strike 1.6 or Source try leaving Windows media player idly running in the background (obviously not playing any songs). Apparently Windows Media Player will speed up the performance of your […]

A great wireless mouse guide

I personally do not use wireless peripherals for fear of a poor connection, but if you do, the following article from Tweak3d is for you. Actually even if you don’t use a wireless device, this article is worth a read. The article delves in the topic of maximizing the tracking performance specifically for wireless devices. […]

LCD Refresh Rate Issue

So how can I fudge a few more fps into my game? If you’re like me, you got a flat-screen LCD and are stuck with a low fps (but a pretty pretty screen!). What you may not know is that your in-game resolution is a mute point if you’re desktop resolution is too high. There […]

Reducing Choke, Optimize your network settings

What causes choke? Choke is caused due to your computer being unable to accept the amount of incoming data that the server is trying to send to you. Imagine a pot full of water set to high on a stove. Because the heat is too high, the water will boil over and spill everywhere. Choke […]

A very in depth system tweak guide

As most gamers know, it’s important to have your system running at optimal performance if you want to be competitive. A Great Tweak Site Koroush Ghazi of has created a bunch of “tweak-guides” which cover nearly everything you need to know on this very topic. He goes in depth and explains exactly why he […]

Don’t modify your Windows Sensitivity

Where did this come from? I’ve touched upon this topic briefly in my other mouse posts but i wanted to clarify exactly why adjusting your mouse sensitivity, via the windows control panel, is a bad idea. Resist the temptation You know who you are. The ones that claim that their first generation, 800 DPI(dots per […]

Disabling mouse acceleration in Windows XP

What is mouse acceleration? If you’ve never heard the term “mouse acceleration” then this article is for you as you. Mouse acceleration is a annoying feature found in all versions of Microsoft Windows that artificially increases the speed of your mouse cursor based on how fast you move the mouse across your mouse pad. It […]

Optimizing your USB Mouse polling-rate

Polling what? By default Windows limits a user’s USB update-rate, or polling rate to a mere 125hz(125 updates per second). Sure that sounds like a decent number, but when you factor in just how far USB gaming mice have progressed, it’s slow as molasses. What’s the point of 4000 DPI if you’re being bottlenecked at […]

Got a CRT? Use Refreshlock!

What is monitor Refresh Rate? Monitor refresh rate is exactly what it sounds, it refers to the rate at which your screen refreshes. So if your refresh rate is set to 60hz, your monitor is redrawing the image on your screen at 60 times per second. But i heard refresh rates don’t effect LCD’s? WRONGG! […]

Bossi’s Tweak Site

For those of you that are feeling the need to modify my config, i’ve stumbled across a really good website that will help simplify the process. This is by no means new information, but Bossi, a common poster on the Complexity forums created a guide with a list of common cvar’s and exactly what effect […]

Counter-Strike Source Launch Options

CSS Launch Options In competitive gaming, it’s crucial to have every edge you can get, so it’s important to make sure your game is tweaked to an optimal level. How to set your Steam Launch Options To set your launch options perform the following: While in Steam, select Counter-Strike Source, then right click “Properties” as […]

Running Steam in Low CPU Priority

Running Steam in Low CPU Priority Everyone knows Steam is a resource hog. What many people don’t realize is that Windows has a command to run pretty much any program in, high or low CPU priority. Start by creating a new txt file on your desktop named “Steamstart.txt” and enter the below: If you installed […]