Check out these Counter-Strike video guides.


Aimbot Parody

Aimbot Parody Anyone who has played Counter-Strike or any other online FPS understands the annoyance of aimbot hackers. Youtube user Freddiew, has created a very good video depicting what an aimbot hacker would look like in real life. Check it out below.

anX’s Complete HQ CS:S Movie Guide

NOTE: This a copy of anX’s guide found on the Cal forums and on his clan website forums at: Complete HQ CS:S Movie Guide by anX High Quality wmv, x264, or Xvid for advanced users Version 1.9.2: Last Updated 7/1/07 ================================================== ======== Table of Contents: ———————————————- 1. Movie Config 2. HQ Movie Files 3. […]

How to make a Counterstrike Video

Counter-Strike Video Editing Andyblooman from YouTube has created a very basic, but informative video to help you get started making Counter-Strike videos. He quickly skims over what tools you should use such as fraps, windows movie maker and VirtualDub. Although his video is short, it’s a good complement to anX’s complete movie guide that is […]