Basic intro to flash-bangs


Flash-bangs are the most versatile grenade in Counter-Strike. In a mere second, they have the ability to shift the momentum of a fight to your favor, even against multiple targets. Therefore it's important to know how to throw them effectively.

Lougfang's beginner video

Loufang from Youtube, made a video last year that the did a decent job of giving new players a useful tutorial on how to use flash-bangs. It is by no means comprehensive, but worth a look if you're still trying to understand how they work. I've linked it below for you to watch(you might want to turn off your sound as the music is a bad choice):

The future

There's really so much for me to cover on this topic, that i wanted to split the posts up into a basic, moderate, advanced setup. In future articles i will break down various scenario's of when and how to use your flash-bangs effectively. Some common examples of uses are:

-Surprise attacks
-Incapacitating your enemy
-Slowing or stopping rushes
-Buying time

Make sure to bookmark us to keep up to date on the every strategy, especially once we delve into the more advanced tactics!

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