CS Source Boost Jump Trick

What is it?

The Boost jump in Counter-Strike Source allows a player to reach heights unattainable through a glitch in the game physics. As with any game glitch, make sure you're aware of your league rules before you attempt to use it in a match. This particular trick i know is legal in most leagues such as CAL so please don't confuse it with an illegal glitch, such as grenade jumping (banned in most leagues).

How do i do it?

I'll explain it first with text, although you may be confused.. Don't fret, there's a video at the bottom of this post to help you understand the complexity of this jump.

Alright. first things first, you'll need a friend.

Start off by having your friend crouch near the area you'd like to boost up to. Get on your friend's head and jump so he can stand up. Now you should be stacked on top of each other. For the sake of simplicity, we'll refer to the bottom person as person "B" and the top player as person "T".

Now, while stacked do the following:

  • Person "T" (on top) jumps.
  • Just after person "T" has jumped, person "B" (on bottom) needs to jump at precisely the right time to match (or slightly exceed) the peak of person "T"'s jump.
  • As soon as person "B"'s head touches person "T"'s feet, person "T" needs to jump again.

This should all happen within 2 seconds and will result in person "T" being launched much higher than a standard jump (nearly 3 times higher). This move requires great communication, and perfect timing. The better the timing, the more height you'll be able to achieve. Still confused? Don't worry, that's what the video is for.

Example Video

I searched far and wide to find a video that gives a pretty good angle of the jump in action. Keep in mind that you don't need to do a running jump like shown in the video, and that standing still and on top of each other works fine too. Good luck, and again, don't be discouraged if you don't master the jump right away. It takes perfect timing, and you know what they say.. "practice makes perfect".

Anyway, you can check out the video here.

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