Don’t forget about the radar

A quick intro to the radar

So many players ignore Counter-Strike's most powerful Hud readout, the radar system. When utilized properly other players will think you're hacking due to your ability to know their position, even if they did not make a sound.

Some key radar characteristics/Tips (Counter-Strike Source)

  • Whenever anyone on your team sees an enemy, the radar will display a fading blip to show where they were last spotted. This blip lasts for only a number of seconds and eventually fades.
    counter-strike source radar tactic
  • The radar will display a larger or smaller sized blip indicating where the enemy is in relation to your vertical position. A smaller blip represents that a target is below you, whereas a larger blip lets you know that the target is above you.
  • Blips on radar will show up even through smoke or extremely dim-lit areas.
  • Player deaths will show up for a short period of time as an "X" with a blue and red representing CT and T respectively. Knowing where your teammates have fallen should give you a pretty solid idea of where the associated killer may be lurking. Whenever you notice a teammate die make sure to scan your radar to see what position they were in when they died. Not only do you have a good idea of where the enemy may be lurking, but knowing the position may save you from joining your teammate in the afterlife.

This article is merely an introduction, but a good player scans the radar every few seconds not only to stay coordinated with their team, but to locate enemies on the move. Use the radar and use it often!

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