Efficient Reloading

Efficiency = Success

In all forms of competitive gaming, efficiency is a must. Counter-strike is no different. To be successful you need to be efficient, therefore you need to know when to reload your gun. How many times have you ran out of ammo mid fight because you forgot to reload. Contrastingly, how often have you reloaded mid fight when you didn't need two? The sad fact is that too many players reload at the worst times.

On the road to efficient reload's

When i talk about efficient reloading, there is generally one rule that stands above all others. It's quite simple really..

Never reload when your enemies are in range to kill you.

It's that simple. Even if you aren't sure that there are enemies around, you need to make sure. See, a good player knows when to take advantage of someone and one of the best times is when they're caught in a reload. Which brings me to my next point..

Baiting for a reload kill

You can do this dirty little trick on someone who loves to push you while reloading. When someone is in range of killing you, start reloading your primary weapon even if you are near full ammo. Now, don't wait for the reload to complete but rather instantly switch back to your primary weapon. Your over zealous opponent will run out thinking you're stuck in a reload, at which point you will surprise them as they won't be anticipating you to be ready with your primary weapon. It's a great tactic that even good players fall for.

Learn to use your pistol

It's very important that you know how to use your pistol. In fact, many times the only thing that stands between your life and death is your pistol. Even if the odds seem stacked against you, with skill, the pistol can lead you to victory. Learn to use the pistol, and use it well. Click here to read my article on accuracy.

Use your judgment

Efficient reloading all comes down to your ability to assess the situation. If you're lower than mid clip, and you don't believe there are any enemies that could be in range to attack you, then by all means, reload. If you think an ambush might be coming, and your ammo-less, rely on your pistol skills. With time, you'll develop perfect timing, and will never get caught dead reloading again.

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