GOTCHA! Some of you anyway

April Fools DayIf you called bullshit on yesterday's thread regarding Valve's plan to shut-down Counter-Strike 1.6, congratulations; you successfully averted our evil plan... to prank you on April Fools Day.

To those of you who "got punked" and believed it was true, I hope there's no hard feelings. We promise we won't pull a stunt like that again... until next year that is!

As a side note, Cognito and I did a pretty good job masking the press release to make it seem like "Steam's real press release page". We used a graphic that posed as your address bar to make it seem like the real thing.. That is, if you even noticed!

Anyway, this should be a lesson to all of you that the Internet can be quite an unforgiving place on April 1st, in fact there was a ton of other pranks which were on a much larger scale than ours.. and equally funny! "Achtung Baby" started a pretty good thread listing some of the best ones on our forums.

Check them out here

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