How to be “clutch”

What is "clutching"?

Counter-Strike ClutchTo "clutch" is to win the round as the last man alive for your team even if that means facing incredible odds such as a 1 versus 5.

The 3 most important points

  • 1.) Stay Calm
    If you can't keep your composure, you will die. Don't cave under the pressure. The more relaxed you are, the better off you'll be.
  • 2.) Think like your enemy
    The better you know your opponents, the better chance you'll have of a successful "clutch". If you can think like them, you'll have the ability to know what they're going to do and will be able to setup an effective counter-attack.
  • 3.) Be aware of their location(s) at all times
    Being aware is a great skill, that when mastered will allow you to know where your opponents will be. For example, as a T on Nuke and after a few rounds, it should be somewhat clear what positions the CT's play. It's important to make a mental note to remember everyone on the enemy team and what positions they play. As the game is progressing remember when enemies go down. That's 1 less target and location you need to worry about. If you're the last one alive, use the scoreboard to help give you an idea where your opponent's may be. Developing this awareness will take a lot of time, but eventually you will know where everyone is before they even see you.

Tips on clutching

  • Be stealth
    Keep quiet, use silencers, do everything possible to confuse your enemy of your location.
  • Stay mobile and on the move
    The worst thing you can do when attempting to clutch is sit still. If your opponents know your location, they can set-up a coordinated attack to take you out no matter how fast you think you are, you aren't fast enough.
  • Know their calls
    After taking someone out, it is a good bet that they are going to inform their team of your location. Use this to your advantage, anticipate their movements and get in position to kill their rotators.
  • Fight 1 at a time
    Don't try to be a hero. Most amateur players think that they can run into a room where all their team-mates died and Rambo it up and save the day. Sure it can happen.. in your dreams! Instead pick off your opponents 1 at a time, preferably when they are separated from each other.
  • Watch the clock
    Time can be a good or bad thing depending on what team you're on. If you're CT, running out of time is definitely a good thing. As a T, it's important to get that bomb down, or kill all the CT's before the clock is up. Make sure to watch the time left on the clock.
  • Capitalize on the rotation
    A good "clutchmaster" recognizes when the team will rotate to try and take him out. Rather than going straight for a bomb-plant, consider killing their players rotating. Rotating makes them vulnerable.
  • Do the unexpected
    This is the time, now more than ever, to be unpredictable. Do what they don't expect. If that means ambushing them rather than putting the bomb down, do it. Even if the odds aren't on your side, the "surprise" factor may prevail. (Don't ambush more than 2 opponents)

The bomb element
Counter-Strike bomb

  • As a "T", Live off the Bomb
    This seriously is a skill on it's own. After planting the bomb, HIDE. Let the "CT" start diffusing (watch out for the fake diffuse), once he has committed too far into the diffuse, jump out from your hiding spot and take him out. Even if you go down, it will be too late for the "CT" to diffuse and you will have clutched the round.
  • As a "CT", Fake Diffuse
    If there's only 1 "T" left and the bomb is down, you have only 1 card to play. The fake diffuse. Against a good "T", you will lose. He will know when to peek, leaving you out of time for the diffuse. The best thing you can do is to start the diffuse to activate the diffuse sound and hope that he comes for you early.

Wrapping up

Unfortunately, simply reading this article will not make you a "clutch" god. It will take time, dedication and all around skill for you to make the strides necessary to come through for your team in a 1 versus "X" scenario. That been said, if you play often, practice against multiple opponents, and follow the tips in this guide, you're well on your way to becoming the game saving hero, or "clutchmaster" for your team.

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