How to Bunnyhop

How to Bunny-hop
Counter-strike bunnyhop
Bunny-hopping isn't new, in fact it's old news. Hell I was bunny-hopping way back in the days of Quakeworld Teamfortress. For anyone that doesn't know exactly what bunny-hopping means, here's a very quick definition.

In a first person shooter, the "bunny-hop" is a move that when performed, mimics the jumping movement of a bunny to gain momentum not possible by running.

Bunny-hopping originated from Quake 1 and was a tactic that was not widely known until Quake 2 was released.

Because Counter-Strike was developed on Half-life 1 (a modified Quake engine), it didn't take players long to discover that bunny-hopping was possible in Counter-Strike. Soon after, people discovered it was possible in Counter-Strike Source as well.

Now, I know that you're probably thinking, "but wasn't Source a brand new engine created from scratch?" True, Counter-strike Source is a different engine, but I suspect Valve kept the physics extremely close to the original CS:S to ease the transition of old CS players to the new engine.

WARNING: This art has been banned by some leagues, so make sure you know your league rules before attempting it in a match.

Bunny-hopping is a really important skill for a few reasons:

  1. Tricks. - Many areas will open up to you through speeds not possible by running.
  2. You're Harder to hit. - Because you move faster, you're a harder target to hit and can gain access to choke-points before your opponents.
  3. It's fun. - There's nothing more fun than showing off your bunny-skills after you've just aced a team.

Train under the appropriate conditions

Make sure you're training on either a local server(created from your computer), or a 100 tic server. You can determine what the ticrate of a server is by typing "net_graph 3" in the console. Make sure you also set your cl_updaterate to 100. From there you should see the In/Out values.If a server is a 100 tic, your out values should be roughly 100. 100 tic servers are much better for bunny-hopping as lower tic-rates tend to make the timing of jumps very difficult due to your connection with the server.

Another thing to keep in mind is that different maps have different surfaces. Some levels have a lot of flat pavement, such as Cobble.. others have a very bumpy ground, like Dust2. It's easier to learn the timing of jumps on flat surfaces, than bumpy ones, so start off on a map like Cobble.

Watch videos, get training soldier!

The best way to learn how to bunny-hop, is visually watching someone else do it. Since bunny-hopping is far to complicated to explain in written form, and to save you from searching, i have linked a great video tutorial on "How to Bunny-hop".

Thanks to Assassin for making this great video tutorial. Albeit old, it's a good example of how to bunny-hop. If anyone wants a more in depth video of how to bunny-hop, i will make one at your request.

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