Practice against Bots

Practice against bots

When you haven't played Counter-Strike Source in a while, I find one of the best ways to bring your aim up to speed is to practice against bots. When you enter the Counter-Strike menu, create server, select your map, and add a bunch of bots. If you find that the bots are not joining, or are mysteriously joining then disconnecting, make sure to check your console to see that these settings are at the following values:

mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_limitteams 63

Aim Maps

I find playing against bots is most effective on maps such as awp_india or aim_ak_colt or generally any 'aim' specific map. If you're tired of getting insta-headshotted by the expert bots, simply remove their weapons. When you create the server you should have an option to restrict them to specific weapons, select knives only. That way, they'll charge at you like zombies and will make great fodder while you improve your headshot aim.

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