Stop missing your flickshots

For those of you who missed the article back in October of last year, David "deLiGHT" Light from professional gaming team, "Chicago Chimera", wrote a really informative article entitled, "All in the wrist". David has come up with a new way to train the muscles involved with flickshots through his own custom maps.

What's interesting is a player named "Chupey" from You-Tube has expanded on David's idea. His map involves a more operant conditioning approach, similar to a dog-owner saying "bad dog" when you miss a shot, or "here's a treat" when you are on target. The reinforcement of being on target makes you more likely to hit the target next time. I am not sure if Chupey studied Psychology, but the operant approach is very effective way in training dogs. RUFF RUFF

Thanks to David "deLIGHT" Light for getting the ball rolling on these new exciting training methods and to Chupey for expanding upon them.

You can check out David's original article here on Chicago Chimera's site.

You can also get the muscle memory training maps from File-Front

Then have a look at Chupey's You-Tube video below.

The above may leave one more susceptible to RSI/CTD complications. "The term 'repetitive strain injury (RSI)' and 'cumulative trauma disorder (CTD)' mean the same thing - a muscle that has been used so frequently, doing the same motion, that it has become injured." -

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