The Defender aka Galil rifle (CS:S)

The Defender aka Galil
galil defender cs source weapon guide

IDF Defender (aka Galil)
Price: $2000
Country Of Origin: Israel
Caliber: .223
Clip Capacity: 35 Rounds
Rate Of Fire: 675 rpm
Reload Time: 2.964799 seconds
Weight (Loaded): 4.35KG
Projectile Weight: 4g
Muzzle Velocity: 2013 ft/sec
Muzzle Energy: 1712 J


"use weapon_galil"
"buy weapon_galil"

Spray Patterns

gali defender spray patterns

As you can see the spray patterns are similar to that of the AK-47 yet are a little more condensed. The recoil still gains vertical movement and forms into a 'bubble' formation near the end of the clip.

See my article on how to control spray fire for more spray tips!

Handling Tips

The Defender also known as the Galil is a Terrorist only rifle that is based off of the very popular AK-47. Since the Defender is very similar to the AK-47, it handles very much like a 'mini-Ak-47'. It does less damage than the AK-47 but still packs a punch and doesn't suffer quite as bad to recoil as the Ak-47 does. It is an extremely effective rifle at close to medium ranges and has excellent accuracy in the first few shots of fire. It has some effectiveness at long ranges but is nearly not as desirable as it's grand-daddy the Ak-47.

At range tips

Short Range: Controlled spray
Medium range: 2-3 bullet bursts or controlled spray
Long range: 1-2 Bullet bursts

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