The Desert Eagle (CS:S)

Desert Eagle


Price: $650
Country of Origin: Israel Caliber: .50 Action Express Clip Capacity: 7 rounds
Rate of Fire: N/A
Reload Time: 2.192816 seconds
Weight(LOADED): 1.8kg
Projectile Weight: 19.4 grams
Muzzle Velocity: 1380 feet/second
Muzzle Energy: 1650 joules


"use weapon_deagle"
"buy weapon_deagle"

Handling Tips

The Desert Eagle is every AWp'ers best friend, the most popular sidearm for any sniper in Counter-Strike Source. The reason for it's popularity is quite simple. It's .50 caliber rounds make it a show-stopper and when you combine that with it's deadly accuracy, it's quite easy for anyone to see why it's the choice of many. It is the only pistol that is powerful enough to be used successfully as a primary weapon and is a great choice to buy on any save rounds. It's also extremely useful for players that have accuracy issues with landing head-shots. Many times, only 1 or 2 body shots are needed to take down even the best armored opponents. The only real drawback to this gun is that it has a slower rate of fire compared to other pistols, but it actually has a better reload time than even the USP!

Hot Tip

  • The Desert Eagle can have near 100% accuracy while moving. To do this, strafe right or left while holding the forward or backward key. If you are strafing and moving forward or backward while firing, your bullet will hit your target as if you were standing still.

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