The Five-Seven (CS:S)

The Five-Seven


ES Five-Seven
Price: $750
Country Of Origin: Belgium
Caliber: 5.7 X 28MM
Clip Capacity: 20 Rounds
Rate Of Fire: N/A
Reload Time: 3.211378
Weight (Loaded): 0.618KG
Projectile Weight: 2g
Muzzle Velocity: 2345 ft/sec
Muzzle Energy: 465 J


"use weapon_fiveseven"
"buy weapon_fiveseven"

Handling Tips

In Counter-Strike Source, the five-seven is the Counter-Terrorist equivalent to the Terrorist's Dual Elites, only slightly less useful. Although the five-seven sports a large clip (20 rounds), fast rate of fire, and good accuracy while moving, it's damage output is extremely low. This weapon can be compared to the glock 18 for it's fast rate of fire and large clip, only it's much more expensive ($750) than the Glock ($400). It has similarities to the Glock but doesn't have any secondary modes like the nice "burst" mode the Glock 18 has. Despite being overly expensive, and relatively weak, this gun is still a decent choice for CT's due to it's large clip size, and rapid rate of fire; however it is very situational and should only be used in certain cases(like as a backup awp sidearm versus multiple opponents).

cs five-seven source weapon guide

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