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The Strider Bowie Knife


Strider Bowie Knife
Price: N/A (Given free at start of every round)
Country Of Origin: USA
Blade Components: 1/2" thick 6AL4V titanium
Edge: Press fit Stellite
Damage: Low (slash), Stab (Medium), Back-stab (High)
Rate Of Attack: Slash .5 seconds, Stab 1.5 seconds
Range: Very close
Game Weight: > 3.3KG (exact weight N/A)
Handle: fossilized mastodon ivory held in carbon fiber pocket

About the Counter-Strike knife

Mick Strider's Bowie Knife is the basis for the knife found in Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source. The text shown below is an excerpt about the knife from Valve:

"The use of a press-fit Stellite edge on a titanium back is an unprecedented achievement. It creates a knife that is much lighter and quicker than would be possible with traditional blade designs. The Stellite and titanium are both far more corrosion resistant than even the best stainless steel."

Why use the knife?

Because knifing someone is fun. Sure it's not something you'd do in a league game, but on publics or boring scrims, it can be absolutely hilarious to knife someone and help spark your team and demoralize your opponent's. Not only is it fun, but it makes you look like a god. Besides, who doesn't like their ego stroked once in a while?


"use weapon_knife"
"buy weapon_knife"

7 Quick Handling Tips

  • 1.) If at all possible, get behind your opponent. A single back-stab can dish out lethal damage.
  • 2.) Use shadows and hiding places to surprise your opponent.
  • 3.) Flash-bangs are absolutely the best way to guarantee an easy knife kill, use them wisely.
  • 4.) When not surprising your opponent, only use the knife when you know they are low on health/ammo.
  • 5.) Against an average or bad pistol wielding opponent, learn to dodge their bullets from this article.
  • 6.) Bait your team-mate. This frowned upon tactic should only be used in non-serious games. Unfortunately because it's relatively easy to double-team someone, it's also the least satisfying way to pull off a knife kill.
  • 7.) The knife is the second lightest weapon in the game. Pull out the knife to run faster (Only the scout is lighter and gives slightly more speed).

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Got more knife tips? Please add a comment and I'll update this article.

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