The Machine Pistol (CS:S)

The Machine Pistol

Schmidt Machine Pistol
Price: $1250
Country Of Origin: Austria
Caliber: 9MM Parabellum
Clip Capacity: 30 Rounds
Rate Of Fire: 857 rpm
Reload Time: N/A
Weight (Loaded): 1.3KG
Projectile Weight: 8g
Muzzle Velocity: 1280 ft/sec
Muzzle Energy: 606 J
Range: Short


"use weapon_tmp"
"buy weapon_tmp"

Handling Tips

In Counter-Strike Source, the Schmidt Machine Pistol (more commonly known as the TMP) is a fully suppressed automatic pistol which has an incredibly high rate of fire. Despite it's fierce looks, it is quite an underpowered weapon as it takes many, many bullets to take someone out. This weapon should only be used in close ranges and aiming for head-shot's should always be a top priority. The biggest advantage this weapon brings of course is the attached silencer and it's relatively cheap cost, but it may be better to pick up an MP5, a much more versatile weapon, for only $250 more. Still if you love running around at high speed's at close range, this weapon can be effective, just make sure you have good head-shot aim.


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