The MP5 Submachine Gun (CS:S)



Price: $1500
Country of Origin: Germany
Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
Clip Capacity: 30 rounds
Rate of Fire: 800 rpm
Reload Time: 3.068887 seconds
Weight(LOADED): 3.66kg
Projectile Weight: 8 grams
Muzzle Velocity: 1132 feet/second
Muzzle Energy: 637 joules


“use weapon_mp5”
“buy weapon_mp5”

Spray Patterns

The patterns below illustrate the main spray pattern formed by the MP5. The bullets raise from where you aim and alternate from left and right, however, the lower center pattern has stayed to the right. The recoil of the bullets is much less than other guns and on the whole the bullets are quite spread out. This is probably one of the best guns for rushing because of the smaller spray area.

Spray patterns of the MP5


The burst patterns for the MP5 from long range are shown below, the numbers representing the bullets shot in each burst. As you can see the MP5 is not good at long range at all, the bullets are really spread out. You need to get into close range with it to do any real damage.

Burst patterns of the MP5


Speaking of damage, the table below shows the damage, the lower number is from long range and the higher number is point-blank

Table showing the damage

Handling Tips

With this gun you need to get in close, fast. In matches, it's mainly used for early buy-ups or for a buy-up on the second round after winning. It's best to rush places with lots of corners, for example short A on de_dust2 or side on de_cbble, this will make it much easier to get in close as you can hug the wall to stay out of site. When running around with this gun it's good practise to aim at head height, and stay that way. You just have to “home in” on your enemy's head when you see them.

cs mp5 source weapon guide

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