The Scout (CS:S)

The Scout

Schmidt Scout
Price: $2750
Country Of Origin: Austria
Caliber: 7.62 Nato
Clip Capacity: 10 Rounds
Rate Of Fire: N/A
Weight (Loaded): 3.3KG
Projectile Weight: 8g
Muzzle Velocity: 2800 ft/sec
Muzzle Energy: 2200 J


"use weapon_scout"
"buy weapon_scout"

Handling Tips

The Scout is the AWP's little brother. Although it is much weaker than the AWP, it makes up for it by it's increased speed. It is well known fact that players who wield the scout will run much faster than with any other weapon. The Scout is most effective at long ranges while moving quickly and aiming for the head. A direct headshot is enough to kill opponents, however if armored it may take 2 shots. The Scout is very difficult to master however, by using it well you will garner a lot of reputation throughout the community.

The Scout CS Source weapon overview

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