The UMP (CS:S)

The Ump

Price: $1700
Country Of Origin: German
Caliber: .45 ACP
Clip Capacity: 25 Rounds
Rate Of Fire: 600 rpm
Reload Time: 3.483656 seconds
Weight (Loaded): 2.27KG
Projectile Weight: 15.2g
Muzzle Velocity: 1005 ft/sec
Muzzle Energy: 625 J


"use weapon_ump45"
"buy weapon_ump45"

Handling Tips

In Counter-Strike, the UMP is a dud. Few players use it due to it's extremely slow rate of fire, above average reload time and poor accuracy. Don't forget about the high recoil and to make matters worse it sounds weaker than an air-soft pistol. That been said, there are a few is one decent things about this weapon.

Despite it's slow rate of fire, a large advantage this gun poses are it's armor piercing rounds. Because it's really the first high caliber automatic weapon in it's price range; it's an affordable option to spam walls like doors and windows hoping that a round ends up in an unlucky opponent's head.

If you're broke, against heavily armored targets and in a desperate situation (IE: u need a round to stay alive) this gun could be an option... Then again, probably not, you'd be much better off picking up an MP5 for $200 less ($1500). I can't recommend this gun as it simply isn't nearly as efficient as many others in Counter-Strike.

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