Use spawns to your advantage

Not all spawns are equalcs spawn formation

This is a quick tip, but a crucial one.

Many new players to Counter-Strike league play don't realize that player spawn points are extremely important. In fact, they are so important that many times a good spawn formation can dictate a round. For instance on Nuke, if all 5 players on T side spawn far up closer to the truck, the best rush they can do is a Hut/Squeaky push. This rush will be extremely hard for the CT's to counter because no matter what spawn they get on their side, they will still arrive in heaven slower than the T's pushing out Hut/Squeaky.

Practice them with your team!

It's a good idea to go over common spawn formations with your team. Learn to setup good rushes based on those spawn formations for every map you plan to play on. In later articles i will go over this in much more depth with screen-shots and spawn formations for many of the common league maps.

P.S: If anyone has some good spawn formations and rush strategies for certain maps please share away by commenting on this post. Thanks!

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