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How to defend

This is a more general topic and could probably be applied to most games, but I’m going to focus on CS:S. Defending is a surprisingly complicated aspect of CS:S, when to rotate, where to camp, when to pick etc, in this article I am going to cover a few of these points. Firsts things first, […] more

How to make a Counterstrike Video

Counter-Strike Video Editing Andyblooman from YouTube has created a very basic, but informative video to help you get started making Counter-Strike videos. He quickly skims over what tools you should use such as fraps, windows movie maker and VirtualDub. Although his video is short, it’s a good complement to anX’s complete movie guide that is […] more

Counter-Strike crosshair setup

Why is the crosshair important? In a First Person Shooter, no object on your HUD is more valuable than your crosshair. It is your way of targeting exactly on the screen where you want to shoot. This is especially important for newer players as it takes time and guidance to get a feel for aiming […] more

Freezetime Checklist

Learn to utilize every second of “freezetime”, the short-time before a round starts. more

How to win the pistol round

Depending on the rules of your league, the first round of the match will start you with virtually no money. This round is generally referred to as the “pistol round”, as no one can afford real weapons. Although you probably rarely practice it, it can be a deciding factor for your whole team’s cash flow […] more