Counter Strike Source Beta Gone Public!

3.....2.....1..... "Boom Headshot"

Exciting news Counter Strike fans, the CS:S Beta has gone to public beta! Your CS:S game has hopefully already been patched and is ready for some intense frag-festing.

CSS Beta Scoreboard

What's New:

Hope you have a handle on your OCD folks, because there's a lot of number play here:

  • 144 achievements are now available for unlocking.
  • Lifetime Player Stats with Summary Screen
  • Match Player Stats with Summary Screen
  • The End of Round Display now has MVP, avatars and an interesting fact about a player
  • Scoreboard has new layout, icons, MVP stars, and avatars
  • New Death Camera to build animosity! (Just don't hunt them down IRL, kthx)
  • Changes to the Domination and Revenge system
  • Added avatars to voice chat
  • ...and a whack of general Source Engine patches

I Came Late to the Party, How do I Get it?

Easy, just head over to the Steam Store and buy! Plus for all you late comers, it's only $6.80 (USD), but for two days only - so get fragging already... there's really no excuse at that low a price.

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