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Easy CSS Achievements

Alright, as much as we at NLG like achievements to be earned the proper and deserving way, there will always be ways around it, and people dedicated to just get them faster. So, if you're reading this you're probably determined enough to find a way regardless, so who would I be to withhold some llama ways to earn those time consuming achievements faster, hmm?

EDIT: Now, right off the bat I know the major problem people are having is with the Cold War achievement. I found a quick little way to get it using bots. [See: How to Get the Cold War Achievement with Bots]. Easy as bomb pie. /EDIT

EDIT: Another twitchy one lots of people are having trouble with is the Killanthropist achievement. Props to LoneWolf19 for figuring out how to earn credit towards the counter. [See: How to Get the Killanthropist Achievement]. /EDIT

Basically, as most people will tell you by now, just create a server and go bot happy with the mp_limitteams and directing the side the bots join [See: Practice Against Bots]. This is a pretty grinding way to get your map counter up (for maps you perhaps just, well, suck at), weapon kills, and most special achievements if you feel like setting up the scenario. But what if you want to do a 1v20 but just don't have what it takes to kill 20 bots with the Mac10 or Glock? Well, if you're determined not to practice your aim and just want to grind it out the llama way, here's a quick tip to, as they say, git'r'done.

Set your server to DE_Piranesi, select 20 bots with only knives (disable all weapon checkboxes), all bots join CT, and set your mp_limitteams to 20. Get your start timer to zero, start cash at max, and so forth... just make everything as quick as possible. Go in, join Terrorist, and buy whatever primary/secondary weapons you want to target, a flashbang, and a grenade if there's some HE specific special achievements you want to get along the way.

Knife it out to the A Bomb Site. The first round the CTs will probably charge right in, but in subsequent rounds they will slowly stalk the map. While heading down the ramp at the A Site, if you see CTs pouring through the tunnel towards the Bomb Site just throw a flashbang against the far wall (See, 1. - Below). While they're disoriented, loop around them and jump on the ledge, setting up behind the crate (See, 2. - Below).

DE_Piranesi easy achievement spot

Behind this crate, only the odd CT will actually jump up to stab at you, most will stand, as if possessed, waiting for you to headshot them. If you stand just visible past the crate at the corner, the CTs will spot you easier and will run at you instead of sneaking around pointlessly. Simply double-tap every head that lines up in your V-of-Doom. If the CTs went sneaking around to B, you can plant a bomb on this ledge to lure them to you. They will only be able to disarm the bomb directly in the kill-zone, so unless the bomb goes off you're pretty much invincible (See Below).

DE_Piranesi easy achievement spots

You can also spice up your bomb planting to target "Bomb Achievements", or mess around with the bots to acquire others like Blast Will and Testament, Wild Gooseman Chase, etc. That's it, it's llama, but it was really inevitable now, wasn't it? 😀

If there's a specific achievement you're having troubles with, give us a shout in the forums and we'll see what methods you can go about to get it.

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