Freezetime Checklist

Learn to utilize every second of “freezetime”, the short-time before a round starts. more

Use spawns to your advantage

Not all spawns are equal This is a quick tip, but a crucial one. Many new players to Counter-Strike league play don’t realize that player spawn points are extremely important. In fact, they are so important that many times a good spawn formation can dictate a round. For instance on Nuke, if all 5 players […] more

How to be “clutch”

What is “clutching”? To “clutch” is to win the round as the last man alive for your team even if that means facing incredible odds such as a 1 versus 5. The 3 most important points 1.) Stay Calm If you can’t keep your composure, you will die. Don’t cave under the pressure. The more […] more

Stratey Planning Program

A great program This is definitely old news, but to be a complete Counter-Strike strategy resource, it’s post-worthy. As discussed in this thread on the FPS GOD forums there is a program available, called CS-Strat (originally called Taxmaker) that allows you to make overhead strategies for your Counter-Strike team. The beauty of this program is […] more