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Practice against Bots

Practice against bots When you haven’t played Counter-Strike Source in a while, I find one of the best ways to bring your aim up to speed is to practice against bots. When you enter the Counter-Strike menu, create server, select your map, and add a bunch of bots. If you find that the bots are […] more

Advanced Bunnyhopping Techniques

A few months ago i went over the basics of bunnyhopping by linking a video from YouTube in this article. Note: I strongly suggest checking that out first before continuing on in this post Today, I found another Bunnyhop video tutorial on YouTube that pretty much covers everything there is to know about the subject. […] more

CS Source Boost Jump Trick

What is it? The Boost jump in Counter-Strike Source allows a player to reach heights unattainable through a glitch in the game physics. As with any game glitch, make sure you’re aware of your league rules before you attempt to use it in a match. This particular trick i know is legal in most leagues […] more

The “speed ladder” trick

Description The “speed ladder” trick is known quite well among the Counter-Strike community, but is important to mention nonetheless. As it’s name implies, it involves moving up and down ladders at a much faster speeds. The slow approach When most new players approach ladders they tend to hold the forward or backward key(s) to move […] more

How to Bunnyhop

Learn how to bunny-hop in most first person shooters like Counter-Strike. more