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Practice against Bots

Practice against bots When you haven’t played Counter-Strike Source in a while, I find one of the best ways to bring your aim up to speed is to practice against bots. When you enter the Counter-Strike menu, create server, select your map, and add a bunch of bots. If you find that the bots are […] more

Customize your Counter-Strike

After playing for a while, many players seek the ability to customize their game to something they are more comfortable with. From custom sprays, sounds, and even certain models, the ability to change the game’s default resources can be a fun experience for casual and hardcore players. One thing to worry about however is how […] more

Low end user’s guide to better framerates

Thanks to OuChTrOnX’s from the steam forums! Improve your framerate in Counter-Strike This tutorial is intended for people with low end machines, which can be qualified as machines with some type of 1.7 gigahertz processor or below, an agp slot – mostly towards 4x, or an nVidia 5900 series or below card or an ATI […] more

How to Choose a Game Server

Why your provider is important? Many different aspects of thought go into choosing a ‘home’ server- how many players you enjoy, what maps, what style of play, so on and so forth. I’ll be going into an overview about a few key notes to keep in mind when choosing a home server, and many things […] more

The Scout (CS:S)

The Scout Schmidt Scout Price: $2750 Country Of Origin: Austria Caliber: 7.62 Nato Clip Capacity: 10 Rounds Rate Of Fire: N/A Weight (Loaded): 3.3KG Projectile Weight: 8g Muzzle Velocity: 2800 ft/sec Muzzle Energy: 2200 J Binds “use weapon_scout” “buy weapon_scout” Handling Tips The Scout is the AWP’s little brother. Although it is much weaker than […] more