Essential Strategy

How to ‘Surf’ in Counter Strike

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane… No… it’s a CT flying at high speeds twirling in the air. A lot of people have either stumbled upon surf maps out of curiosity, or just accidentally joined. Either way, it’s easy to never understand how to cruise around like everyone else without being told how. So here […] more

How to Use the Scoreboard Effectively

The Counterstrike Scoreboard In Counterstrike 1.6 and source, the scoreboard is an imperative tool that many experienced players utilize to gain an edge over their opponents. You may be thinking that the scoreboard is only good for one thing, showing your kd ratio (kills vs deaths) and where you stand in the rankings relative to […] more

Practice against Bots

Practice against bots When you haven’t played Counter-Strike Source in a while, I find one of the best ways to bring your aim up to speed is to practice against bots. When you enter the Counter-Strike menu, create server, select your map, and add a bunch of bots. If you find that the bots are […] more

Customize your Counter-Strike

After playing for a while, many players seek the ability to customize their game to something they are more comfortable with. From custom sprays, sounds, and even certain models, the ability to change the game’s default resources can be a fun experience for casual and hardcore players. One thing to worry about however is how […] more

How to Choose a Game Server

Why your provider is important? Many different aspects of thought go into choosing a ‘home’ server- how many players you enjoy, what maps, what style of play, so on and so forth. I’ll be going into an overview about a few key notes to keep in mind when choosing a home server, and many things […] more

Common Faq for Counter-Strike Source

Thanks to Remmiz from the Steam Forums! Q-I got hit from 2 feet behind me! Whats up with that? A-Models and hitboxes are not always where you may see them. The server is always seeing different locations than the clients. Q-Where is my CD-Key! Did I get scammed?! A-No, you did not. When purchasing games […] more

How to defend

This is a more general topic and could probably be applied to most games, but I’m going to focus on CS:S. Defending is a surprisingly complicated aspect of CS:S, when to rotate, where to camp, when to pick etc, in this article I am going to cover a few of these points. Firsts things first, […] more

How to Pubstar: Rushing – The Basics

Go speed racer, go! You want to get in the enemy’s nest as quickly as possible, catch as many off guard as you can, and put them through the meat grinder. You’ll die every once in awhile, but the more you practice and use the tips available here, the more you’ll instead look like a […] more

How to Spot a Real Counter-Strike Hacker

For the Admins or server regulars, this guide is here to help you stop the one thing that happens more often than banning a hacker. How to spot someone who is just good, and is NOT hacking! more

How to deke a pro

Sick of getting your head perforated every round? When it comes down to facing off against someone of equal (or greater) skill, it really comes down to who can outsmart the other. So here’s one great way to confuse and get the drop on your prey (or to set yourself up for filleting a noob […] more

Take your pubs “to the next level” through ESEA

ESEA What? E-SportSea has a great program that allows you to join scrims on the fly with the best players in CS 1.6 or Source. What makes this different from a regular pub or pickup match is that these servers are regulated and only players who are ESEA subscribers can join. Obviously the competition here […] more

Don’t forget about the radar

A quick intro to the radar So many players ignore Counter-Strike’s most powerful Hud readout, the radar system. When utilized properly other players will think you’re hacking due to your ability to know their position, even if they did not make a sound. Some key radar characteristics/Tips (Counter-Strike Source) Whenever anyone on your team sees […] more

A good sound video tutorial

Sound is important While browsing through Counter-Strike videos on You-Tube i stumbled across a user named “GuideCSS1” who has a bunch of training videos which are of pretty good quality. The video i linked below is definitely my favorite of his which delves in the topic of using sound to effectively predict your opponents actions. […] more

How to control your recoil

“Only Noobs Spray” Spraying is generally frowned upon, in fact if people see you do it, they’ll immediately call you a Noob. In most cases this is generally true because more often than not, it is much better to burst fire 2-3 bullets, than to “spray and pray”. Spraying builds up a lot of recoil […] more

Being one with the Shadows

Introduction to Shadows Shadows are a nifty addition to Counter-Strike Source that many players do not take advantage of. When i talk about shadows, I’m not referring to the ones cast from walls and such, but rather the ones cast by props or models. These shadows are calculated in real-time and are dynamic as opposed […] more

Introduction to Angles

What are angles? The term “angle” in Counter-strike is used to define one’s line-of-sight in the game. The better your angle, the better line-of-sight you will have on your target(s). Most players do not realize that having a bad angle may make them visible to their opponent(s) even if they cannot see them. This is […] more

Stop missing your flickshots

For those of you who missed the article back in October of last year, David “deLiGHT” Light from professional gaming team, “Chicago Chimera”, wrote a really informative article entitled, “All in the wrist”. David has come up with a new way to train the muscles involved with flickshots through his own custom maps. What’s interesting […] more